Renters Insurance in Texas

Whether you rent a home or an apartment, it's important for you to take the necessary steps to protect yourself from different types of loss. In the Garland, Texas area, you can call on the agents of Pounds Insurance if you have questions or concerns about your existing renters' policy. Texas residents need to know what their liabilities are if they rent a property. The agents are available to explain how a renters' policy works and the types of coverage it provides.

Protect Your Belongings

Just like a homeowners' insurance policy, your renters' policy is written to cover your possessions. Having a written or video inventory of all your belongings is the best way to keep track of everything you have. The inventory should include the date of purchase and the serial number of each item.

Take Care of Your Liability

Any accidents that occur inside your home are your responsibility when it comes to liability. Your renters' policy does include liability coverage to protect you if someone gets injured while they are visiting you. If the accident occurs outside your home but still on the landlord's property, the landlord will be the brunt of the responsibility.

Ask Your Agent!

Any time you have questions about what is covered by a renters' policy can your agent. They can address your concerns and make sure you have the coverage you need. You may also want them to review your policy if something has changed or you have made a few new purchases.

Contact the agents at Pounds Insurance if you live in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area. Make sure you are fully insured and understand what is and is not included in your policy. The agents have the answers. All you must do is make an appointment and ask the right questions.